Wednesday 3 April 2013

It's the little things...

Working in a hotel can be hard work but we love it and it is a pleasure for us to meet and greet all of the new people that walk through our doors.  

Every guest that visits our hotel has different needs and expectations. Our job is to ensure that they have a great first impression from the moment they check in and that everything runs smoothly until they check out.

You see it's the little things that we need to look at. Yes the big things are hugely important from the d├ęcor of the bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, bars and restaurant to the sofas, comfort of the beds and the table cloths but it's the little things that in the long run can give our guests a great first impression and a lasting one when they leave.

We all do housework and we know how frustrating cobwebs are, there is always a build-up of dust behind the lights, the cushions forever need plumping and those wet footprints that leave a mark by the front door when it's been raining... These are the little things.

The picture that isn't quite hanging straight, the wedding photos of couples who have chosen to get married with us that need to be in just the right place, the curtains that need to be gathered just so around the windows and the way the towels are folded in the bathroom.  It's the folded toilet paper and the way the tea tray is presented, the location of the remote and the way the decorative cushions are placed just so on your bed.

The salt and pepper pots that are always full in the restaurant and the way the napkin is folded. 

The smile from the waiter and warm welcome from the receptionist. It's the offer of help with your luggage and when you are a regular, remembering what you always like to drink with dinner.

These small things end up being one large memory that we strive to deliver for all our guests. 

There is a large team working hard to serve you and whilst you won’t meet all of them during your stay, they are there and they are working every day to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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